Trailer anywhere motored by anything

Full Size Trailer

Full size fun for full size passenger vehicles. Complete with electric brakes and 33' BFG All Terrain Tires. Keep the rig light and the campsite tight.

UTV Size Trailer

Take your Utility Terrain Vehicle experience to the next level with expanded cargo capacity and the ultimate campsite comforts.

Small Size Trailer

Compact and ultralight, for smaller crossovers and minivan passenger vehicles. Hook up to double the cargo volume.

The Mod PV

For Full-Size Passenger Vehicles
$ 7300 starting at
  • Highway Rated Wheel/Tire
  • Electric Brakes
  • 680 lbs Flatbed
#1 Seller


For Utility Terrain Vehicles
$ 5400 starting at
  • Off Highway Wheel/Tire
  • No Electric Brakes
  • 425 lbs Flatbed


For Small Passenger Vehicles
$ 5850 starting at
  • Highway Rated Wheel/Tire
  • No Electric Brakes
  • 432 lbs Flatbed

Premium Features, Modular Flexibility

22 (PV Tub Short Tower)

Multiple Wheel and Tire Size Options

LED Turn and Brake Lights

Tongue Stabilizer Jack

Universal Rails

Made in the USA

2 Rear Stabilizers

Multiple Coupler Options

TIMBREN Axle-Less Suspension

Create and Order Your Trailer in Minutes


Choose your flatbed model, any accessories you want to make it yours, or build it out using our MOD Builder.
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Once your order is placed you can expect no more than 2 weeks for it to be ready. Once shipped we will reach out with the details so we can share in your excitement and anticipation.


We’ll stay in touch. We want to hear your story of adventures with your new trailer. If you ever have warranty, repair, return, or any other questions we will be ready to help you!