Helping you explore the American trail

Trail Trailer was born out of a love for the outdoors. Accessing off-grid locations can often require a 4X4, or UTV to get you there. With limited carrying ability on SXS’s, UTV’s, and most mid-size SUV’s, the Trail Trailer was developed to help you explore more.

Bring the extra gear that makes the trip great and be ready to camp the moment you hook up. We want to get the most out of our machines and the experiences we have with them.

Our roots run deep

Located in the heart of Cache Valley Utah, Trail Trailer’s western roots run deep. 

Since the development of the wheel humans have been pushing the boundaries of how to use them. From handcarts, to stagecoaches, then trains to supercars the wheel gets us to and from our favorite places. Keep your vehicle light and nimble by loading the Trail Trailer with all of your favorite camp gear. 

Trail Trailer provides unmatched versatility for the unexplored frontiers.

Designed for the
thrill of exploring

Make the most of your experiences.